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Study in Germany: A Testimonial of Candidate | German Studio | Summer Intake

Germany has been one of the most preferred EU countries for international students in recent years, especially among the various EU member states. Both students and researchers are in high demand for Germany's renowned universities and their internationally competitive programs at their relatively free public universities.

Here is one candidates review of GERMAN STUDIO

Name: Dhruvi Fozdar

Course: Architect- Stuttgart University

Intake: Summer Intake

I still cannot believe it has already been a year and a half since I decided to come to Germany and study Architecture. Come to think of it, it all started when my mother went to meet Viren Sir about my brother´s admission for doing his Masters in Germany. So, while my mother was talking to sir about Universities in Germany for Masters Viren sir asked my mother what and where I was planning on studying. My initial plan was to prepare for my NATA examination and study in India, but sir suggested a better option of studying in Germany, and me being a normal teenager, got excited for getting a chance to study abroad. I started learning the German language and it fun for the first 10 seconds and then all my great expectations of learning a new language came crashing down. I still had to study for my 12th Grade board exams and also the Freshman Institute entrance exam, so I had a perfect excuse to avoid studying the language. I diligently prepared for the entrance exam and but was still feeling unprepared for the exam even though it was a basic Math paper. The exam was to start at 11:00 am, on the morning of the exam I got ready sat in front of the laptop prepared to write the paper.

As we know Germans are known for their punctuality but it was already 11:15 and the paper still did not start so I started panicking and called sir, telling him that my paper has still not started. Viren sir, who is always as cool as a cucumber calmed me down and asked me to wait till he talked with the exam coordinator. About 2 hours later I wrote paper and was quite confident about it talked to my Maths teacher about the answers and everything was sunshine and daisies. According to the coordinators the result would be out in about 2 weeks so I waited. One morning I get a message from Viren Sir saying that my answer sheet was not submitted and I am supposed to write the paper again. This made me angry and sad at the same time so I throwed a tantrum in front of parents ranting about how unfair life was. My parents talked to sir and he then told me it was all going to be ok and I will get it this time. Now being angry at the exam I only worked hard for a week before the exams and then gave my exam which turns out was same as the first paper only the numbers were changed. Two weeks later I get a call from sir saying I got into Freshman Institute and we celebrate it. Now starts the painful journey of learning German just kidding it was not as bad as I portray it to be as I had a great teacher who not only made the language easy but also fun (a little bit).

Fast forward about 6 months, I finally was going to take offline German classes with Viren sir. When I attended the class on the first day, I was surprised to see how relaxed the environment in the class was, and soon I started spending full days at the class and getting comfortable with the language. Since it was covid season, getting Goethe German exam dates was not easy, but we registered for each exam possible. It was said the Goethe centre in Mumbai was a nightmare and one should never give the exam. I do not know what you would call me dumb or brave but I decided to give my A1 and A2 Level exam at the Mumbai centre and on top of that the gap between these two exams was just a week. With sir´s full support and guidance I started to prepare for my exam. I would not say it was easy but seeing the confidence and the dedication sir was giving to me to pass the exam gave me the courage and the boost I needed to pass the examination. I was so happy that although the time was short, I cleared both my exams.

4 months later, I started with B1 level and was leisurely learning new rules and words as my 12th board exams were postponed which later were cancelled. So, I finished my B1 level and started with B1.2. The B1.2 course was an intensive course at the Goethe Institute which was arranged by Viren Sir for all the students planning on coming to Germany in October. We finished the course and our B1 level exam was supposed to be on August 20. As the drill goes, I started to prepare for the exam and sir helping me on every step of the way, giving tips and tricks to score marks easily. In between all the exam prep sir also managed to get a visa appointment for me which was just incredible. The B1 exam was in Delhi, so sir had booked the accommodations and flight tickets for us. It was quite an experience and as we know a good journey leads to great results, I passed the exam with flying colours. So here I was with all my documents ready, with all the language levels done and all the packing materials waiting for my visa to come. After a long 2 months I finally go my visa. My tickets were booked, my bags were packed and like that I was leaving for Germany. Let me tell you it was not easy to leave everyone behind and travel to a foreign country alone but with my family, friends and Viren sir´s blessings I reached Germany safely. Although the settling process was not smooth as I had to change my subject groups and there a few accommodation issues but with sir´s help everything was good at the end and I officially started my journey as a student in Germany.

After the mid term exams I realised that the studies in Germany were not easy and worst of all the subjects was Physics. As you know by now I went to sir helped me with this as well. Now comes an interesting experience, a month after the mid term exams are over there was an incident and I had accidently set the kitchen chimney on fire and had fainted. It was not very serious but I had to spend the night at the hospital. There were a few other Viren sir´s students who contacted him who informed my parents and kept them updated till my brother reached to me. All of this over and my life as a student continues and I write my final exams. So after my final exam I was supposed to work on my college portfolio and naturally I start working on it. Sir´s son has also studied architecture in Germany so he guided me through the entire portfolio making process. Sir helped me with the reference material and other documents while his son helped me make my portfolio. After about 15 different drafts (which also taught me a lot) my portfolio was finalised and my college applications were sent out and the waiting process started. A fine day at around 2 in the morning my mom calls me saying that I got accepted into Stuttgart University, one of the best universities in Germany for Architecture. It was like a dream come true. Here I am now waiting for the college process to end and to get my enrolment letter.

Let me tell you this journey had a lot of ups and downs but at the end everything worked out. During this journey not only my parents but also Viren sir have supported me a lot. From teaching the language to correcting small mistakes in the CV to doing all the college applications. Viren sir is not only my consultant but also my Guru. I have learned so many things from him and because of his unwavering confidence in me I have gotten admission in one of the best universities in Germany. He was always there to help me during the lows and to celebrate during my highs. I could not have asked for a better teacher. Till today he never fails to surprise me with his skills. I am in awe of all the students that come every year to Germany through him and how he manages it all. And I have seen every one of his students is living a good, comfortable and successful life here.

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