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Germany Job Seeker Visa Consultant

Germany Job Seeker Visa | Work In Germany.

  • Due to the abundance of opportunities it provides for brilliant and competent people, Germany is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners seeking employment making Germany Job Seeker Visa popular and in demand.

  • One of the various immigration routes that permits people from other countries to enter Germany and look for work for a set period of time is the Germany job seeker visa.

  • If you've been able to get employment by the conclusion of the period, you can easily submit an application for a Germany job seeker visa and a residence permit.

What is Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Anyone who want to work in Germany will be granted a German job seeker visa.
If you are given this visa, you are permitted to enter the nation for a period of time—typically six months—find job, and then apply for a work permit to stay in Germany permanently.

Eligibility Criteria for a Germany Job Seeker Visa

You must fulfil the following criteria in order to be eligible for the Germany Job seeker visa:

  • As a citizen of a foreign nation, you must have a visa to enter the nation.

  • You've worked in your linked field for at least five years.

  • You have enough money to cover your expenses during your stay in Germany.

  • You may vouch for having completed your education or training.

  • Your qualifications are acknowledged in Germany or are on par with a degree obtained there.

Apply A Germany Job Seeker Visa If you work in below Fields

Germany JOb Seeker VIsa Requirements

  • Application for a Job Seeker Visa: To apply for a job seeker visa, you must complete and sign an application form.


  • Passport + A Copy: Please make sure you produce a current passport with a copy that is valid for at least three months after you leave Germany and was issued within the last ten years (some embassies may ask for even a longer validity period depending on your nationality).


  • Photographic Indentification-Please submit passport-sized photos that adhere to the German embassy's or consulate's picture criteria for visas.


  • Proof of Residence - You must provide documentation of your lodging arrangements while visiting Germany, such as hotel reservations, rental contracts, or an invitation letter if you are staying with friends or family.

  • Evidence of finance - Additionally, you must provide evidence that you have the resources necessary to maintain yourself while you are in Germany. You can do this by submitting one of the following:

       1-A blocked account (Sperrkonto) - Proof of a blocked account (Sperrkonto) in your name, with at least €947 available to pay your monthly costs.

       2-A notarized Verpflichtungserklärung from your inviter confirming that they will pay for all of your expenditures

  • Proof of active health insurance- Additionally, you must provide documentation of current travel health insurance that complies with all legal criteria and provides at least €30,000 in medical coverage.


  • Proof of academic credentials.- You must provide documentation of your academic and professional credentials, such as your university diploma, transcripts, certificates of completion of any required training, etc.

  • Your resume. Submit a copy of your detailed CV with your personal information, including your academic and professional qualifications.

  • Cover letter. Provide a cover letter or motivational letter stating your reasons for applying for a job seeker visa in Germany and what you plan to do if your visa is granted.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Fees

Why German Studio for JoB Seeker   Visa.

  • International students applying for a German student visa are charged certain fees, as shown in the table below:

  • Visa Fee: INR 6200 approx. or € 75

  • Document Verification Fees: INR 30,000

  • Eligibility Check. We help you check whether your occupation is listed in Germany's in-demand list. Along with this, our team guides you to understand the eligibility requirements, customized document checklist, process, and more.

  • Visa Application and Follow-up We apply for the visa on your behalf and follow-up with the concerned authorities to keep you updated on the status.

  • Resume & SOP Preparation We have India's finest writers who specialize in preparing German standard resumes and cover letters.

  • Interview preparation assistance Firstly, we help you understand what happens during the visa interview. Our team prepares you to pass the interview with a positive result. We also help you prepare for German jobs. As German employers are keen on several aspects while hiring foreign candidates, we help you crack the code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Apply?

You have to apply for a job seeker visa at your nearest German embassy, consulate, or another visa application centre in your country representing Germany. Please note that if Germany does not have an official representative in your country of residence, you may be required to submit your application to a neighbouring country.

How Long Does It Take to Process?

It usually takes four to six weeks to process your German job seeker visa application. But this processing time can be longer depending on the embassy and whether your application is complete.

How Much Does a German Job Seeker Visa Cost?

A job seeker visa in Germany costs €75. Most embassies will ask you to pay the visa fee in cash and convert it to your local currency if required.

For How Long Is a German Job Seeker Visa Valid?

Your German job seeker visa is a national D visa valid for six months. Please take note of your visa validity period and make sure you won’t stay for more than you’re allowed to; otherwise, you may face penalties.

Can I Take My Family With a Job Seeker Visa in Germany?

Generally, you’re not allowed to bring your family to Germany on a job seeker visa. However, if you find employment and receive a work visa, you can get your close family members, i.e., your partner and children.

Can I Extend the Visa?

You cannot extend a job seeker visa; once the visa expires, you must return to your home country. You can re-apply for the same visa after you’ve spent the same amount of time outside of Germany as when you were in the country seeking employment.

Please note that if you find employment, you can apply for a work visa and continue your stay.

How Can I Convert My Job Seeker Visa to Work Visa in Germany?

If you find employment in Germany while you’re there with your job seeker visa, you can apply for an EU Blue Card, another type of work visa or a residence permit for qualified professionals. You must apply for your work visa and residence permit at your region’s competent Foreigners’ Authority (Ausländerbehörde or Ausländeramt).

Do I Need to Know German?

You are not required to provide proof of language proficiency for your job seeker visa in Germany.

Still, you’re highly encouraged to develop your German language skills as it will give you a higher chance of finding employment.

However, if you have vocational qualifications, you may be required to provide proof of language proficiency level B2 (CEFR).

Germany job seeker visa consultant
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